Friday, June 06, 2008

review & recommendation: Sex and the City Movie

i began thinking about this review on my plane ride home from my two week texas stay. the soundtrack of the movie playing in my earbuds and my head was consumed with thoughts of the characters, the story and the emotion.

the big day felt like i was going in for a scheduled delivery or something, because i got text messages and calls and emails wishing me fun and happiness. i can confirm that for 2.5, check that - 5 (i saw it twice in one day) hours i was NOT disappointed. i understand that there are some people who are disappointed, and i admit that it hurts my feelings, but let's not dwell.

to me the film was delightfully entertaining, raw with emotion and deeply moving. the tears started flowing when carrie walked out in the tutu and the only time i stopped crying before the end credits was when i was busting a gut laughing. "you shit your pants this year honey, you're done."

i loved this movie because while many "chick flicks" are cliche and predictable, this one was real. how about when carrie took those glasses off in mexico and then slept for days. raise your hand if you've done this before for smaller things than being left at the alter by mr. big. or how about miranda sitting on that couch on new years eve..."i thought having a family meant never having to be along on new years eve." or charlotte when asked if she was happy being married, "every day. not every second of every day, but every day." television and film have a way of making marriage an extreme - and extreme miserable hell or an extreme happy fairy tale. it's not always picture perfect, but from my experience, it can be happy every day.

and the thing that felt the most real to me... carrie walking in that closet in the end. a woman who always has the right words didn't say a word. she fell into the arms of the man she loved. i believe she was deeply hurt, but there is something about love and i can remember thinking this when i was falling in love. it's not about all the things movies tend to make you think love should be about, in my gut it boiled down to the fact that i knew i could NOT live without justin. like it or not, carrie can not live without big and now their world is just as it should be.

quickies from the movie...

*samantha and miranda looked great... the years have been kind

*smith and steve looked like they had aged the most

*louise from st. louis (jennifer hudson) was wonderful

*that black outfit carrie had on when they were halloween costume shopping... why choose? i LOVED everything carrie had on and i fully expect we'll all be wearing any number of the outfits in 2013

*that they didn’t dwell on steve’s other woman. It was a one time thing and she is not in the picture so they didn’t fill space worrying with her.

*that after the wedding we saw big alone. He didn’t just disappear into movie invisible~ness.

*carrie’s assistant got her that thoughtful DVD for christmas and she got her a $5,250 handbag… yeah, I saw it in a magazine!

*hey Stanford, where was marcus and why are you kissing anthony?

*did y’all see bitsy von muffling at the rehearsal dinner? Where was bobby? Home with baby?

*who bought carrie and big’s apartment? Did big buy it for them?

*why is brady still so little acting… he was born in the 4th season and it’s been 4 years since the end of the sixth…what gives.

i'd give it more if i could, but 2 thumbs is all i got. what did you think?