Tuesday, June 10, 2008

here's your sign

sunday, justin and i slept until the last possible minute before getting up and getting ready for church meaning church starts at 11:15 and my feet hit the bedroom floor at 10:35. saying my husband isn't a morning person is like saying that i like to talk. he is to the extreme not a morning person and if you've read this blog for any amount of time or ever enjoyed the pleasure of my company you know i LOVE to talk. we made it into the service half way through the first verse of the first song...can you say rushed?

rushed is NOT what my other half wants to be first thing in the morning, but rushed he was. like the wonderful man that he is, he got up and made my coffee while i was showering and i enjoyed a couple of sips while getting ready. the rest i packed away in my trusty travel mug and we headed out the door.

there are times when my husband adores the fact that i don't mind sticking out in a crowd, and i think there are times that he wishes he married sarah plain and tall and called it a day. i'm kidding... i'm sure if you asked him he'd say he never wishes he was married to someone else, i mean he's never even dated a sarah. so on top of being rushed out of bed, my little morning person/ treasure of a husband looks up and sees me wearing very tall bright green shoes, three strands of gaudy necklace and a scarf tied to my bag to clash with it all.

to me = very cute and fun for june; to plain polo and jeans = annoyed.

as i'm getting out of the car he says, "You're not taking your coffee in are you?" like when you walked out of your room dressed in high school and your mom asked, "You're not going to wear that are you?" no... this is my pre-outfit outfit, and i'm just holding this coffee mug while i get out of the car and then i'm going to put it back.

as we enter the building there are signs posted EVERYWHERE - Food and Drinks Absolutely Prohibited in Sanctuary. I pretended that I didn't see them, because everyone knows those signs are for little kids or teenagers with starbucks. not ADULTS with tight lids. onward christian solider i marched... coffee mug in hand.

i'm sure you see where this is going... not 5 minutes into the sermon i reach down for my coffee by the LID and not the handle and the ENTIRE MUG - 16oz - spills everywhere. of course i start laughing, because i'm an inappropriate laughter and hear like a resounding gong - God will get you every time!

I look at Justin and say, "I'm sorry! You were right..." and he said, "Don't apologize to me - apologize to GOD!" which makes the two of us start laughing inapproriately and made us both happy for the things we had chosen that morning and for our whole lives.