Friday, June 13, 2008

a glimpse of hell

because i love my husband, or maybe because i'm a glutton for punishment i offered to help sell chicken at the local music festival. read - standing on concrete in the heat for 13 hours a day until my bones ache (grandma!) and bathroom breaks in porta potties. porta potties are a nightmare to my painfully small bladder. this might be TMI, but i "go" about 400 times a day if i'm home. yesterday i went once while working. ONCE! that's some serious holding!

i called allison as i was leaving yesterday and said, "this is how i picture hell to be. camping out in the hot hot heat with showers on flat bed trailers and the communal use of porta potties." i endured this whole camping/festival situation once in my life. remember one day, katy? my mom has always called me a nasty nice... i think that's why i was miserable having dirty hair, terrible cramps and i've never wanted to sleep on the ground again.

makes me very thankful that at the end of my day i can get in my car and come to my house and shower in my bathroom and use a pottie shared by two. but now i'm wondering - how do you picture hell?