Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I survived the great move of 2008

I'm blogging this morning with the help of my cell phone. That's a weird thought, huh? The cable guy came and turned our cable and Internet on first thing yesterday morning, because you know justin and lesli can't go more than one night without our TiVo! I was talking to my mom while justin was plugging the 4 million wires that make our tv and possibly the government run and she was like,"you better have that working by the time I get there so I can see how TiVo works." clearly it's more than TiVo that she doesn't know how works. It was hard enough missing design star and food network star. Anyone else shocked that the college station boy went home?

Anyway...right now the Internet isn't connecting and My I.T. Guy is still sleeping, so what can I do. Wonder how I did it before? Oh well- I've tried the usual tricks, and honestly this isn't too bad. It's even correcting my spelling and capitalizing my "I"s. Thank you.

So about the move...justin and I are still married, so that makes it an instant success. The extra bedroom is already so nice. The closet in the extra room houses my clothes, so often it was referred to as my bedroom. It's my closet...I'll continue to share my beautiful new bed with my husband.

On Sunday we were about to start the waxing session (justin's sister does waxing and such for a living ~ yes, I realize just how lucky I am.) when we looked for the microwave and realized there wasn't one. When was the last time you lived in a place with no microwave? I know you think they're only $20, but we're going to try and rough it like pioneer people and see if we can make it without. Update my blog on my cell phone, but go without a microwave. It's pioneer to some people.

I can report that the painting of the furniture turned out better than I could have even hoped for! There will be pictures and maybe even videos a la HGTV before after to come, but I have about 10 more boxes to undo, a bed skirt to starch and press and another table to get sanded and painted! Better go wake my I.T. Guy up!