Thursday, July 03, 2008

all for a $1

sometimes i worry that i'm turning into a wifey blogger.  you know, the wife version of the mommy blogger.  since i'm far away from my friends and my family, most of my stories involve justin, because most of my life involves justin, and i don't mind that one single bit.  i guess we should start to worry when i start posting pictures of his monthly progress as a husband. 

anyway... the other day we went over to sonic for their happy hour special, except we can NEVER get there before 4pm, so it's always regular priced afternoon drinks for us.  we call it happy hour anyway.

we ordered our regulars, large unsweet peach tea for me and large coke for justin coming to a grand total of $3 and something.  our skating car hop owed us $0.91 in change, and instead gave us $1.91 and skated off to corn dog and tater tot heaven.

Justin:  "Wasn't our change supposed to be $0.91?  i think she gave us a $1 too much."
Lesli: "You are the math person in this relationship, but i think you're right."
Justin:  "Should we call her back out here?"
Lesli:  "it's just a DOLLAR... it's like we got happy hour anyway."
Justin:  "yeah, but what if john quinones is hiding in the bushes and they are catching all of this on film for primetime or oprah and now we've just been busted for being dishonest about ONE dollar at sonic."
Lesli:  "honey, we just wouldn't sign the waver."

you know you've seen those episodes and thought - i'd totally do the right thing!  we got away this time, but Mr. Quinones you have my word, if i see a woman getting yelled at in the park or teenagers bullying a nerd i'll definitely stop and help until you pop out of the trees.