Monday, July 07, 2008

And now for the very first time...

Little Miss


Justin and i both got our first shih-tzu's right around the same time - 4th grade... Pixie (his) and Prissy (mine). weird, huh? when he first told me that, i thought he was making it up so i'd like him more because we have sooooooo much in common. I have since confirmed with his family that Pixie was, in fact, real. We've always said that if we got a dog for ourselves that we'd like to get another shih-tzu, and this weekend we did. She is 7 weeks old and weighs a little over a pound and enjoys eating, sleeping, peeing, pooping and playing with her toy.

I can report that little miss Lola has done very good for her first full day with us and besides being the most popular dog at pet smart on saturday I think she'll definitely be the smartest as well. how cute is her pink rhinestone collar? very fashionable, too.

see... she already does tricks! this is her best speed skating start pose.