Wednesday, July 09, 2008

junky table

our new home is coming along slowly but surely. seems like i put on new finishing touches every day, and i didn't want to share any pictures until it's perfect. that might take forever, so i might as well show you the progression of my junky table.

remember her? well the story goes of the junky table that on my second trip to drop a load at goodwill i spotted her. i liked her instantly for the character and charm and the hidden potential that she had. Justin teased me, "Isn't the point of goodwill to drop stuff off, not get MORE stuff?" she was $8.50 and she was cool and she was going to look perfect painted black to match our beautiful newly painted black bed.

until i decided she was going to be painted hot pink to match the accent colors in our bedroom.

it's really hard to get her true color under bedroom lights or the flash of the camera. i found that they both made her look really harsh hot pink or even reddish. she's not. she's perfect.

of course i still don't think the look is complete, because she is definitely in need of the perfect curtain back drop for her look. i went looking yesterday and couldn't find what i wanted. i'm hoping to get them complete before justin gets back from his 10 day visit to hotlanta.

and what does my other half think about the junky pink table in his bedroom? he could NOT care less, and as long as he doesn't care, i am staying far far away from any neutral boy-girl colors!