Tuesday, September 02, 2008

laboring on labor day

i labored on labor day. i even forgot that it was labor day. completely forgot until about 4:50 when i called up allison because i knew she'd be home from work by then and when she answered i suddenly remembered that we weren't in a fight. She wasn't on the email because she wasn't stuck in front of a computer!

i had a weird thought today (Sept 1st). Today marks the 9th month that Justin and I have been joined together in holy matrimony. When i think about us being married for 9 months i think good golly it has FLOWN by! but then i had the thought... if i had of gotten pregnant on our honeymoon we'd be having a baby this week. the thought of actually being pregnant since our honeymoon makes pregnancy seem like an eternity!

oh gawd... and the thought of being big and pregnant during these 100 million degree summer days sounds absolutely dreadful. i've already given my friends permission to lose my number in the event of such a catastrophic event. ok, i'll admit i might be acting a little dramatic, but i complain about having to work on labor day... there's a good chance i'll complain that i'm hot while i'm pregnant.

i hope your day of relaxing and giving up white pants for yet another season was delightful.