Monday, September 01, 2008

bob at the lob

the roles in my home are slightly reversed from ryan's home. I'm the crazy college football fan and he thinks i'm just that - crazy.

earlier in the week i jumped for joy when i saw the promo for college football game day and i think i cried a real tear on saturday when i was getting ready for work and realized i would miss the entire first day of college football. yes, me, the girl who loves college football missed the entire first day. well, except for a quarter of the alabama clemson game. which, by the way - nick saban is sort of hot, no? i think he might be giving pete carroll a run for his money this year.

in honor of the opening weekend of college football i must tell a story on my husband who could not care or know less about college football.

Last week one of our employees asked Justin if she could take off an hour early. Our employees are really open about where they will be going and what they'll be doing.

"I need to leave early because I'm going to see Bob Stoops at Red Lobster."

Justin comes to me later. "By the way, Employee X has to leave early, because she's meeting Bob Stoops at Red Lobster."

Me: "Bob Stoops is going to be at Red Lobster?"

Justin: "You know Bob Stoops?"

Me: "You don't?"

i'm thinking...oh lordy this is a major concern, because we're in oklahoma where people honestly believe that In Bob They Trust.

Me: "Honey, Bob Stoops is the football coach at OU."

Justin: "Oh, I thought it was weird that she called her boyfriend by his first and last name."

for fun i like to tell our customers that story just to watch them have minor heart failure.

Even though most of you probably don't follow the game, I'm going to make some predictions that you can borrow to impress your boyfriend or your boyfriend for the night.

National championship: LSU & USC
Better than the rankings would suggest: Texas & Alabama
Teams I didnt see run a single play: Georgia & Ohio State