Tuesday, September 04, 2007


allie requested i follow her lead and list eight random facts, habits and/or confessions about myself. i share a lot of information right here on this weBLOG, so i'm going to try and think of things that you might not already know.

for starters... i love big brother in an awful way, but refuse to pay for the 24/7 feeds. i think it's maybe $14 a season, but that's soooo much when i can log on to the message boards and have someone watch for me and type what they see. the day after big brother airs, so monday, wednesday and friday i talk "strategy" through emails with a few people who love it as much as me. oh, and every time they show that you can watch big brother from 12am-3am on showtime it hurts my feelings that i don't have or know anyone that has showtime=( janelle is back this week... i can't wait to see my old friend!

college football saturdays are a guilty pleasure of mine, much like the food network on saturdays. i like to start in the morning with college game day, and then look through the guide and decide my schedule. first i'll go with a good game - two closely ranked teams, then a rivalry, then a highly ranked team and finally if all else fails, a big 12 game. i've been known to start at 11am and watch until they are over. mostly it's for the sport of it all and keeping up with the BCS, but i must say that kirk heirbstreet and pete carroll watching don't hurt either. yes, i have a crush on pete carroll - and you should know that when i was single i googled his son to see if he was as handsome. no such luck, thankfully, i found my other half.

i so desperately wanted my wedding to be small and in an old white country church that i gave up decision rights to my entire reception! people kept saying all along that i needed to compromise with my mom; she wanted a large ceremony with 500 of our closest friends in the biggest, most modern church around and i want a small intimate ceremony in an old church rich in character. after tears and struggles, i realized what i was willing to compromise on. anything and everything that is the reception. i'm not even picking out my cake, and after watching my other bride friend go round and round with reception decisions, i feel confident i've compromised on the right issue for me. plus, look how cute "my way" is...

three down... 5 more to go. i'll be back!