Friday, August 22, 2008

home sweet where?

the other day justin said, "I really miss Kentucky." We had only been here for 3 weeks at that point, and really we aren't that connected to the land, so i had some diffusing to do. "Do you miss Kentucky or do you miss your tv and x-box?" i was right, and really i miss our tivo, so i could commiserate. It's hard enough to keep up with my "big" shows in the hotel, let alone the silly ones... and with all the new premieres coming on feel my pain

It's interesting the things we miss while we're gone. I miss my spice shelf in my pantry. I brought along staples to use here, but i always feels like something is missing. I miss my mixer and baking, but luckily i've had babycakes to tide my craving for home cooked goodies over. i miss my free tanning bed at the apartment, because it's rained HARD everyday for a couple of weeks and every other day has looked so gloomy. granted, i've only used the bed once, and burned an awful lace tan into my bottom, but it's nice to know it's there. i miss my closet...this is the one trip of my whole life that i completely UNDERpacked and unlucky for me i put myself on a spending freeze for the month of august

whether or not i miss my bed on these trips always depends on the size of the hotel bed. right now we have a queen at the hotel and a full at home. queen trumps full every time. but wait... i just painted my bed and made it all shiny and new and never showed y'all how it turned out.

Here's our Design Star project progression... (for the record... i did a before video of the room to share, but accidentally shot it sideways. i know...another example of my college degree not being put to good use)

Justin and his mom using my handy new tool - The Mouse (that i LOVE) to sand down the boring old brown head board.

After the great debate of painting by hand or spray painting i decided to go with the spray because it dries in 10 minutes and i wanted my new bed to be ready by night fall.

So far, I like what i see. The paint had a satin finish, so it was terribly flat or terribly shiny.

drumroll please...

TA-DA! The end result turned out better than i even pictured it in my head! The bed has new character now, and i think it makes our white bedding pop. and for all the people that will notice and it will annoy, i slaved for an hour starching and ironing the bedspread and it just wrinkles.

also, because i can't stand to NOT brag on a good deal... i found that matching bed skirt and neckroll for exactly $230.20, LESS at other stores.

queen bed or not. there's nothing like our home sweet home.