Monday, August 18, 2008

archer farms

i am admittedly won over by two things. pretty packaging and store brands. the fact that targets store brand is archer farms AND it looks cool too means that i am a big ole sucker the moment i walk in the door. i'm thinking archer farms is to normal people what trader joe's is to lucky people!

not only is the packaging fantastic, the descriptions reel me in every time! pecan sticky bun granola cereal...chocolate chunk hazelnut biscotti granola cereal... blue corn jalapeno corn bread mix... those are just the ones i can think of off the top of my head that made me shut my eyes and think deeply happy food thoughts.

while at target i was looking for pita chips, because i don't know if y'all have checked lately, but a little old bag of stacy's pita chips is expensive! i was thinking archer farms had a pita chip line and luckily for me they were having a "two-fer" deal. oh, add that to the list... another thing i'm a total sucker for... 2 for $5 or anything of the said equation.

at the end of the aisle i found them. the old stand by, regular baked no flavoring and then the new treat, Cinnamon Sugar. If you're thinking taco bell's cinnamon twist, then think again. These had just enough cinnamon and sugar to dust your finger tips, but not enough to dry your throat and choke you. delish.

and exactly one day after i got home with the bag i began plotting my next trip to super target, because this is evidence of how i spent my evenings at home.