Sunday, August 17, 2008

noted in norman

we've spent 2 full, almost 3 weeks in norman, oklahoma. the days have been long and work has been stressful and frustrating at times. sounds about normal for everyone, right? i've been so exhausted lately, and it's helped me none that they olympics are on every night, because much like Lay's potato chips you can't just watch one thing! too bad michael phelps only swims, because i'm pretty sure if he also did badminton and table tennis i'd still be watching. i digress, because there have been plenty of olympics posts lately.

things of note in norman...

~if it were illegal to eat at taco cabana more than a couple of times a week, they'd have to lock us up and throw away the key! should justin and i be embarrassed that they workers know us? we're getting close to that status at on the border, but i promise ryan, we'll be hitting up the mexi-dip at bueno very soon!

~there is a cold stone in the super target. the last thing i need in my grocery store is a cold stone. my justification would go something like this... i'll have the "like it" cake batter in a waffle bowl and it will be fine because i'll be walking around doing my grocery shopping. walking is cardio, right?

~i swear to gawd yesterday was a full moon... at work we had a broken arm scare, a girl faint all the way to the ground and a black cat crossed my path pulling into the parking lot. i'll admit it gave me a nervous tummy. When you believe in things that you don't understand... Then you suffer... Superstition ain't the way

~ Lola is the cutest dog i've ever known. She's definitely been waving and barking bye on command. Earlier this evening she dove head first into the hot tub. She likes to be where the action is. last weekend we took a day trip to visit Aunt Sis in rockwall, and before we go back this next weekend to celebrate someones birthday, we'll be making a visit to the groomer. my sweet girl is growing herself a little 1988 rat tail. i can't wait to see how cute the bow looks in her hair!

and with that, another week is here.