Monday, September 08, 2008

tonight she's your dog

I never knew cicadas existed until i lived in chicago.  we have locusts in texas, and i haven't done my research, but i'm thinking they are closely related.  the yard of our hotel is an insect zoo and there is no shortage of cicadas buzzing around and buzzing on the ground.
last night justin and i were walking lola around the complex with the hopes that even though she'd been locked in the hotel bathroom for the last 12 hours she'd magically get completely tuckered out from her 3 minute walk around the complex and she'd sleep peacefully well into the afternoon the next day.  she loves the insect zoo and will playfully chase anything that will run away from her...crickets, moths, cicadas... anything.
there was a cicada sitting in the parking lot buzzing away and my husband thought it would be a great idea to let her chase and play with the cicada.  anyone of you ever had a puppy?  no?  they explore with their mouths, not their hands.  she paws at the cicada a couple of times and the cicada starts buzzing like crazy.  Lola gets scared, and in one chomp that cicada is down her digestive track.  
this is all justin's fault because he's holding the leash,  and if Lola ever does anything bad it's justin's fault, because well... i don't have a good reason except for it feels good to blame someone.  
i start screaming, justin is grabbing down her throat and pulling out nothing.  panic sets in and i picture myself sitting up all night making sure she doesn't die from cicada poisoning.  we run in the house and justin looks up whether or not cicadas are poisonous and the page reads, "Cicadas aren't poisonous, and some people find them tasty . However, keep an eye on any person or animal (small children, cats, dogs, etc.) that might be tempted to gorge themselves on the bugs so that they don't choke or eat so many they become sick."
No sooner than we read the sentance the might become sick Lola vomits on the floor.  Guess who gets to clean it up?  Not me!  I wasn't the one who let my precious baby EAT A CICADA!  An hour or so passes and we get ourselves ready for bed.  we've been trying to get Lola used to lying on the bed with us at night with hopes of her sleeping with us, but because she never sees us it's too much for her to handle.  she loves the fact that mommy and daddy are in the same place and can NOT resist the urge to come lick our faces the minute we drift off to sleep.
so, up on the bed she goes and we're getting all snuggled in when the wretching begins again, but her face is buried in the covers and i can't hear her.  we look down and there is cicada blood and vomit on the comforter.  ARE.YOU.KIDDING.ME?
With that she was ushered into her room and her own bed where she had the wretching again, but if there is one good thing about living out of a hotel it's that i don't have to wash that comforter OR the towels.  thank Gawd for small blessings. 
as far as me being mad at justin goes, i'm over it and I promise I'll work on not getting mad at him when the dog acts up, but i can report that the cicadas were swarming outside our back door waiting for the little black dog that took one of their own last night.