Wednesday, September 10, 2008

wedgie free

i'm sure that somewhere deep down justin dreams of a time when his wife will be the type of woman who always has sexy unmentionables on underneath it all, and let's face it - part of me wishes i was as sexy and steamy as the victoria secret ads.  but let's face it... i'll never be that tall and sometimes comfort calls.  and i'd rather be comfortable than walking around work or anywhere picking out a britney spears size wedgie from my hiney! 
enter the no ride up wedgie free underwear ads by hanes.  have you seen them?   i saw them a couple of times on tv and thought there is NO way those actually work.  the last time i wore big cotton granny panties, without fail, they ended up in a big crumpled cotton clump up my crack.  nice.
however, i needed a solution, because thongs were not cutting it with my work pants, well they were cutting it, but you know what i mean.  i fell for the marketing scheme and figured what the hell - i'll give the no ride up panties a try.  i started with a three pack, and after 3 days of wear i rushed back to the store to purchase SIX more pairs!  the definitely cover your booty, but don't give you the bad panty lines.  i love them and could NOT recommend them more.
with that said, they are great, and i can assure you that you're man probably won't love them and you have my permission to blame your wedgie free granny panties on me, but don't you think he would love it a lot less if you were digging around there in public.