Wednesday, September 17, 2008

just talking 'bout the weather

It's fall y'all! Can you even believe it? Its like I went to work one day and it was summer and when I left the air was brisk. It makes me so happy. It makes me think of moving to Lexington to be with justin...and planning our wedding. It makes me think of toffee nut lattes and wine with friends at d.o.c. Wine bar in Chicago. And of homecoming at Baylor and Friday night football games at grim stadium. The first days of fall are like the first days of spring. Book ends to them impending season or fierce cold and extreme heat.

This weather has my mind boggled. On our Sunday off we were predicted to endure ike's wratch and instead we had blue skies and weather perfection. Justin and I took Lola to the dog park for the first time, and of course I have pictures to show off, but my husband has high-jacked our computer and there's only so much you can do with an iPhone.

For now I can't help but think about my family and dear friends that are negatively affected by the new fall weather. Our family in louisville is without power and could be for 2 more weeks. Who ever heard of hurricanes in Kentucky? Not to mention my Houston friends (katy- you j and addie have been on my brain...I so hope you guys are safe)

For those of you getting to enjoy the blissfulness that is fall in September I hope you're enjoying all the wonderful things that make fall spectacular!