Thursday, September 18, 2008

online friend~ing

I never tried online dating. Right around the time where I think I might have thought about it I met Justin and the rest was history.

However, I must admit that I’ve been online "friend~ing" for a while now. there was a reader of ALifeLesOrdinary who found this blog through Stephanie’s blog and commented every now and then, and I’d finally had enough. We had TOO much in common NOT to be friends! We got married months apart, we love to cook & EAT, we got fit flops right around the same time... we were a match made in weblog friend heaven. So, I emailed her and thus started our online friendship. We emailed pages and pages of get to know you emails, so i had to get my other email buddy in on this.  y'all probably don't know this, but Allison and i email daily...100 times a day. They became fast email friends too and basically if we all knew each other in real life we'd be the golden girls or something.   
my cute friend ryan reading her bon appetit

I called Allison this morning and said, "Well, Ryan and I took things to the next level." Yep, my online friend became my phone friend.  isn't that how online dating works?  you email and get to know each other, then move to the phone?  Justin, naturally, thought this was totally weird, and admitted he could never do this. Ryan and I were mostly just curious how the other sounded and it seems necessary that we talk since the three of us are trying to plan out the perfect girls weekend together. are we moving too fast?

As I celebrate my 4th Blogiversary I’m beside myself, and really it floors me that the old blog ever made it this far.  I started this site 4 years ago as a way to chronicle my daily life and it's been many places with me and admittedly there have been times when i've wanted to hit the delete button and never log back in. It's seen my ups and downs, my mental anguish and emotional bliss. There are parts of my story that I look back on and my face turns red, but I am happy that it chronicles most every part of my life. Just like this story above I am beyond amazed at the relationships that ALifeLesOrdinary turns out, as Ryan is not the first friend I’ve met through this blog, and I know she won't be the last. It goes without saying... thank you ALL for reading and here's to many more years of blogging and bloggy friends!