Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dog Park Lola

I don't really want to be one of those bloggers that post every last thing their dog does, but Lola is really cute when she does stuff and when she was Dog Park Lola was no exception. This post reminds me of those silly local barbie emails... Highland Park Barbie... South Austin Barbie...Ashdown Barbie. Why do those always make me laugh and nod my head because the descriptions are so right on?

Last Sunday was perfect here, so we took advantage of our day off and slept in late then headed to panera bread so i could try their new tomato, mozzarella, basil and sun dried tomato pesto sandwich. which, by the way, was great, but i would have preferred a LOT more basil.

Next on our adventure in Norman we went to the dog park. Let me interrupt this story to give you expamle #4,623 on why i'm married to a great man. He graciously let the Indianapolis Colts (he was born and raised there) play their Sunday game without him all because his wife and Lola wanted to play outside. The fact that we made it home just in time to see the last 2 minutes of the game where Peyton Manning lead the Colts to victory is reason #3.5 why my husband is married to a great woman.

on being admitted to the dog park she's a little unsure...unsure of being cagged in and unsure why all the big dogs are on the other side and she's stuck on this side all alone.
so, she climbed up daddy's back for a better view. yes, we refer to ourselves as momma and daddy...she's our baby and wouldn't believe you if you told her she was a dog.
so this dog park thing isn't so bad, but it sure is hot and we're not going to partake in the community water bowl! we'll eat bugs, paper and dirty socks, but no sharing germs!
oh look... the first friend has arrived... Jake. What's a girl like Dog Park Lola to do?
roll over so new friend Jake can lick her tinkler, of course!
we finally left after more friends arrived and all had the chance at a lick at Lola's tinkler. Justin gave her a stern talking to on the way home about respecting herself and not allowing her tinkler to be violated by strangers. and one week later he's still lecturing her about the dangers of being Dog Park Lola ~ the whore.