Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Christmas came early!

I researched all the sales papers on Sunday to find the best deal for my Tuesday purchase!  As you probably well know, Sex and The City The Movie came out yesterday and based on my research I hurried to Target as soon as I could yesterday to purchase my Crock Box version!  Basically the Crock Box version is the movie, a digital copy (which means i can upload to my iPhone) and the special feature extended cut.  Would you believe that I was in Target before noon and got the LAST Crock Box?

If you can remember back to May, Allison and I planned an entire weekend around the viewing of this movie, and we were there for the 10am showing!  So, it is only fitting that we purchase this as a Christmas gift for each other to enjoy forever.  We've been doing the long distance friendship for a couple of years now, so we're used to not celebrating Christmas close to the time, but I think September is an all time record! 

Of course we could have wrapped them up and mailed them to each other, but then we would have ruined the Crock Box look and we all know that Allison would be waiting until this time next year to get hers.  She's the queen of mailing things and I've lived in lexington for a year now and I have no idea where to post office is even located!

So, we both got to enjoy Christmas coming early yesterday and to get me in the mood I bought my first Santa along with my gift!