Monday, September 29, 2008

home away from home

on one hand it seems like we just pulled up in Norman, Oklahoma, but when i think about our home in Kentucky it feels like we've been gone for an eternity. Our time here is quickly coming to an end, and the last week is always the hardest because my emotions are being pulled in two different directions. Part of me is so sad to leave our new friends and the employees we've developed, but the other part of me is counting down the minutes until i will back through the familiar door to our house and lay in my own bed and watch all 400 hours of TV that my Tivo has collected.

until we found out that we wouldn't be going to our house, but to a home away from home in Austin, Texas. When i heard the good news i literally jumped up and down with my arms thrown in the air all the while screaming. Then i immediately began day dreaming of all the finer things i'd get to introduce justin to.

justin's idea of texas is dallas, and austin is so not dallas. his idea of austin is UT and it's so much more than that. to me austin is the kind of town that gets inside of you and gets a hold of you. i never knew how much i loved austin until i left austin, and i've talked to other people that have chosen to leave, but would jump at the chance to go back. it's weird...i can't explain it.

we leave wednesday and head straight there. i am starting a list of all the places that i've never experienced that i want justin to experience with me and we'll be eating our way through the best restaurants in the country. first things first...

i have a secret place in austin that i used to like to go to to get away from the daily. i always thought about having a picnic there, and now i have someone to go with me. so, i'm thinking... wednesday night, sunset, me, justin and lola and some mighty good take out from thundercloud. let the culinary adventures and weight gaining begin!