Tuesday, October 21, 2008

College Game Day

I don't know why I like college football like I do, but I do. Some of you even find it hard to believe, because I didn't even graduate from a school that is ever good at football (although, they have gotten a few ESPN shout outs this year). I guess you could say I like the rich tradition of college football and how from one season to the next new players come on the scene and it's a whole new ball game.

When Justin and I were presented the opportunity this past weekend to be apart of the College Game Day Broadcast down at the University of Texas we jumped at the chance! Get paid to be watch in person one of my Saturday morning ritual and risk the chance to getting to smooch Kirk Herbstreit? Oh, yeah, I'll take that chance! Girls, have you seen how yummy Kirk is? Perhaps you should start watching as well... at least for the eye candy ~ just remember that some of the players are still in their teens!

Justin went to a small school in Missouri for his undergrad where they don't have a football team or cheerleaders or pretty girls for that matter. I thought he might lose his lunch when the Texas Cheerleaders and Dance Team came out. He assured me that they weren't as pretty as me...he must have forgotten that I don't have a perfect tan, rock hard abs and beautiful long flowing hair...seriously, can I be as cute as them when I grow up?

Oh hey, what do you think of my new dark fall hair?

Justin and I are really trying to take in all that we can while were here in Austin, and we've done a pretty good job with the food, so we're working on the entertainment side of things. We have tickets to the game this week...we haven't gotten Baylor tickets yet, but hey ~ when in Rome... Hook 'Em Horns!