Thursday, October 16, 2008

Best of the Best

I'm a sucker for a Best Of list. I use my barometer of agreement to determine how legit the list is. I also take these recommendations to heart and two lists that I trust completely are The Austin Chronicle Best of & the Allure Readers' Choice Awards. Since the Austin Chronicle list hasn't come out yet, let me touch on the Allure Readers' Choice Awards. Is it just me or does anyone else give three cheers to their product cabinets when they see one of their products on the list?

And the winners that i use are...

Nails: OPI Nail Lacquer in Lincoln Park After Dark - I wore it when I lived in Lincoln Park and I'm wearing it right now. It must be true love.

Face: Jergen's Natural Glow Face Daily Moisturizer - admittedly I go back and forth with Jergen's and Olay daily moisturizer, but Jergen's face glow lotion is much better than Olay's face glow.

Hair: John Frieda Collection Luminous Color Glaze - you know I love this and I promise it will make your hair shine like a wig!

Tools: Sonia Kushak Blusher Brush - I've been using this blush brush since the Sonia Kushak line first came out and I recently bought the powder brush and another eye shadow brush. They work fabulously and stand the test of time!

Honorable Mention: as you well know, there is not an honorable mention section, but I had to share my own. Maybelline Great Lash - this might be the cheapest mascara on the market, but let me tell you...I have long eye lashes but on seeing Ali's eyelashes I had to know what she uses, because honest to gawd they looked like fake eyelashes! This was it and now I'm hooked!

Ok, so here's where you come in! I trust your opinions, especially after the tex-mex tour recommendations!

What's on your list? Is there anything that I have to RUSH out and get today? And I need some eye cream! I used to use Benefit Cosmetics Eyecon, but I lost it and I didn't great results, so what should I be using? I need a cream that will brighten the skin underneath my eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.