Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the task at hand

With our crazy work schedule, we rarely have time to stay in and cook a meal, which in Norman made me long for my kitchen, but in Austin makes me smile. It means I get to plan our evenings around where we'll have dinner. I also told Justin that he was going to turn into a taco before we left, so we need to get to work on the task at hand!

My plan is to keep my mouth shut and let him decide his own favorite, but I'll enlighten you with my initial thoughts. I've found that I'm mucho passionate about the things I like, which tends to over hype, thus causing severe disappointment in my other half. So, Silencia, Por Favor! Below I have created a list of -- austin original tex-mex restaurants for us to enjoy.

a. Chuy's - an austin staple. especially for visitors. when i lived in waco this is the food I ate every visit to austin. when i lived here i ate here maybe once or twice

b. Trudy's - three words... deep. fried. avocado. oh, gawd.

c. Vivo's - garlicy salsa to ward off the witches

d. El Arroyo - this restaurant was close to all of my apartments, so it was good for a quick fix

e. El Chile - once i asked the server to ask the chef how he made his black bean puree, because it was a dynamic burst of flavor... beans, olive oil, garlic, and nutmeg.

f. TacoDeli - i've never been here, but if it's winning awards it's at least worth a try!

g. Enchiladas y Mas - a good dive restaurant with great food

h. Jardin Carona - another dive where you have to practice your spanish before you go or you won't be able to order

i. Hula Hut - i think justin is going to bury his face in a pipline enchilada and i'll never hear from him again

j. Maudie's - this one is all about the location... do we go to the nook maudies in west austin or do we venture to davenport village for milagro? the salsa and queso are sure to please.

Now it's up to you Austinites, Austin lover or just Austin researchers... is there a restaurant I'm missing? If you can think of a place up north close to the Round Rock/Cedar Park area I'd love your suggestions. Remember, we're heading back to the midwest where they think mexican food is picante sauce, so HELP!