Monday, October 13, 2008

The Midas Touch

Justin and I enjoyed yet another wonderful weekend in Austin, Texas and of course it was filled with MUCH football. College... professional... ok mostly college. It dawned on us last night... we might just have the Midas Touch for college football teams.

As you know we were in Norman, Oklahoma for the start of the season. While we were there the Oklahoma Sooners were ranked #1. Rightly so, our staff and customer base were all die hard sooner fans and even sooner coaches, so we hoped for the victory every week lest we'd have some distraught people on our hands.

Then we were up and transferred to Austin, TX. A city that stands on itself without The University of Texas, but still... hard to go anywhere and not see the burnt orange and longhorn. Would you believe that in under a week and a half the tides have turned and now the Longhorns are #1? I'm with Colt... wish they could have flown under the radar for a little while longer, but entertained a very nice thought of all the sad weary souls in Norman on Saturday afternoon.

I said week 1 that Alabama and Texas were the two teams that were better than the rankings suggest. Now lookey who's number 1 and number 2. But be careful all BCS teams... Justin and I head back to Lexington, Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Wildcats, December 1st... just in time for bowl play!