Friday, October 10, 2008

too good to be true?

I had the opportunity to leisurely drag the HEB aisles the other night. HEB is a grocery store that is only in Texas and is always reliable for a unique find. How bout this... prosciutto and basil wrapped in mozzarella? YUM! Only problem was it was $7... maybe I need to call and remind them that Randall's is the expensive grocery store in town. I'm sure the increased prices have something to do with all the extreme grocery store makeovers that all of their locations of under gone.

And cheap is all relative. I understand that in many cases you get what you pay for, but I like to set prices in my head. If it's over that price then it's expensive...under it is cheap!

Anyway... look what I found?

My first thought was... this HAS to be too good to be true, right?

Do you need a closer look at that label?

Calorie Free, Sugar Free, Fat Free, Carbohydrate Free, Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free and if you haven't noticed, it's NOT a vinaigrette! In my opinion, Anything without all the good stuff has to taste terribly watered down and bland.

You know what... it wasn't! dare I say it again? It was NOT half bad! Of course it's not thick as gravy ranch dressing, but for you girls that are sick of having to order the light dressings or vinaigrette this is a fantastic alternative! Maybe now I can get Justin to try this on his salad, because now the only way he'll eat salad is a little bit of lettuce with his bottle of ranch dressing!