Tuesday, October 07, 2008

scrub a dub

A while back, ok like a year and a half ago, Christina and I raided the Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale and I purchased the need a margarita body scrub. The scrub works great, and if you don't mind smelling like sweet tequilla all day, then you'll love it! I moved to Lexington and my scrub came with me. I hadn't used it in a while and one day I bent down to scoop some out and it was pretty much gone. JUSTIN? "But Honey, feel my feet! It gets them sooooooooooooooo soft!" Rather than fight it I succumbed to what's mine is yours and let him have ownership of the scrub. I didn't love the smell anyway, and if it made his feet happy I was more than happy to give it up.

Before we left Norman some of my sweet friends splurged for a gift card to B&BW for me and I was over the moon, because I had been eyeing the Black Amethyst Body Spray & all of the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin line. I had a momentary lapse in judgment and purchased the scented lotion. How did I forget that I hate scented lotion? So I took it back, and look what I got...

Hard to read the label? Let me translate...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh mama! After that first shower I forced the jar in Justin's face and said, "THIS is not for your feet." This body scrub smells and feels so good and grainy that my eyes rolled back in my head and I got a little weak in the knees. A girl can only hope that the secret of the sweet cinnamon pumpkin greatness does NOT get out and I can raid the semi-annual bin because I think we're going to be very good friends for a very long time.