Monday, October 06, 2008

austin weekend 1

we had our first weekend in austin and I can already sense that our time here is going to go much to fast! It's amazing to me how much this city has changed in just 2 short years! Every time Justin and I are out for a drive I point out 15 different things that weren't here when I was last here. Times might be tough for everyone, but Austin didn't get the memo, because it's booming!
I have comprised a list that I am perfecting a will be sharing of Justin's Tex-Mex tour, but first things first. I had to let him try Juan in a Million and the Don Juan that saw me through many a hungover days when I lived in Austin. JiaM is not on the list, so there was no pressure for him to score their food, he just needed to eat it and enjoy it. I've only eaten the don juan when I had a gurgley empty drunk stomach, so I was worried it wouldn't be as good, but for $3.60 it was just as I remembered.

The $3.60 Don Juan Breakfast Taco

Justin made the beginners mistake of equating price to size and considered ordering 2. Then I schooled him on the ways of east side mexican food and he came to his senses. I was pleased that I could not scrape my plate like I used, but we still left feeling like stuffed pigs. So Shawna and I walked to Amy's Ice Cream for some exercise. I can report that I've also never seen Justin scarf any ice cream so fast.

then Lola made her first Austin friend... Lucy. The babies loved each other and are both looking forward to more fun times.

anyone else sick of seeing me in the same clothes, or is it just me and probably Justin? Gosh we've been gone a long time. If there are any volunteers willing to break into my house and send me more clothes options I promise I will not press charges!