Friday, October 03, 2008

Command Decision

Over 10 years ago I made a command decision to never wear perfume again. I have stuck to my guns, and for this long I've only worn body spray. My current favorites are Bath & Body Works, White Tea & Ginger and Magnolia Blossom. Until recently, I've never been even tempted to wear perfume. That is until I smelled Sarah Jessica Parker's Covet. I smelled it about a year ago, and I still haven't bought it, because what if I broke the pact with myself? i am so weird.

The other day another command decision started to break ground inside my brain. What if I decided to wear only black from now on? My mom used to get mad at me for only buying black shirts and dresses, but I think I was on to something. If it makes you look thinner than you are, why aren't we all wearing black?

I can always jazz black up with my gaudy jewelry and cute shoes, and like Allie said yesterday, "You are never to fat to fit into your jewelry or your shoes!" The only draw back I'm having is that purple and that mustard yellow are so hot right now. Must remember that they are from the devil and want me to look fat. Anyway... i bought a huge purple bag yesterday so i can wear that color any old time!

for my first all black purchase....

the short sleeved turtle neck! slims my body and hides my ugly neck!