Monday, October 27, 2008

Grease~Ball Hotties

It's another football Monday! Justin and I went to our first University of Texas game together this weekend. I've been before, but this was his first college football game ever. EVER! He said before, "I went to a game at the college across town and they had 5,000 people there." Ok, so here we are Saturday in Darryl K. Royal Memorial ~ 98,500 and something people and I'm thinking there are more people in this stadium at this moment than in all of Texarkana (hometown)! More by like 20,000! Ay ya ya...

We had to be down there for work before the game, which is a far cry from my tailgating days, and I sure would have traded it in for a breakfast taco. I will say though, it was fantastic people watching. Texas girls are always fabulously dressed for the game and look darling in their boots, but there is a new trend out there that made me cringe! The high waisted poof skirt. Do y'all know what I'm talking about? It is OK on a stick figure, but not flattering at all if you're 1lb over 95lbs. Other than those skirts, I stood in clothes envy the entire time. I miss my closet,(we left our apartment in July and what we have with us is what we have with us) I wish I had cowboy boots, and I wish I looked better in burnt orange.

Back to the people watching... I'm silently judging people, good and bad, as they walk by when my eyes catch this one guy. Crusty Grease~ball hair, long sleeve button down shirt unbuttoned to his navel, miller light in hand, and painted on jeans. Boy he things he hot, huh? OH WAIT... he IS hot! 98,000+people and I just saw my good friend Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights! Gawd, I was so star~struck I had to cover my mouth so I didn't scream! He was with Tyra and Buddy, and I was ALL BY MY SELF, so there was no one to share my joy or take our picture. Plus I couldn't remember their real life names, and what is sillier than yelling out their character names? Arrggg...Oh well, I'll always have the vision in my heart.

On to the game. It was NEEEEEEEERRRRRRVE WRACKING! By the end I had no fingernails left and my stomach was doing somersaults. It's not just this team... I do this for every team that i pick to cheer for. I do it to myself.

I'll say this... the experience of being with the crowd and foot long corn dogs is something everyone should experience, but I much prefer watching the game on tv.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey ~ Matching Ray Bans. Ok, well their not real Ray Bans, but they're Justin's best attempt at Ferris Bueller & the cool "now" look for college. We have two pairs, because Justin can never find his glasses, so I keep a spare pair in my bag and luckily so, because the sun was in our eyes the entire game.

If you need to be reminded...The Eyes of Texas are upon you... all the live long day.