Monday, October 27, 2008

Things that make you go GROSS!

When I was living by myself in Chicago I got used to shopping and eating for myself and by myself. If I entertained I'd make a meal, but I was perfectly satisfied to make a meal off of canned tomatoes dusted with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and parm. My main eating partner then was Christina, so when Christina came over for dinner (most every night) we made do with what my pantry housed and were happy little eaters. Then I got married and moved in with a boy and found out that my other half prefers a main item with two sides and bread.

The thing that I find interesting is that when we eat alone, which is rare, but say I'm out of town or he's working late, we revert back to our single ways of eating. He prefers a gut bomb philly cheese steak sandwich and I get to indulge in the things that he deems as gross.
I've learned now that it's useless to even try to make a case for my love of different, yeah let's call them different not gross foods. I've accepted the fact that Justin thinks I'm weird, and I'm ok with it. Truth is - I think he's a little weird too.

I make it no secret that I love Tomato/Vegetable juice and could drink it by the gallon, so when I saw a commercial for V8 Garden Broccoli Soup and I knew instantly that it would be love at first taste.

It's creamy, it's chunky, it's GREEN! Sounds gross, huh? Not to me, it was delicious and I don't mean broccoli cheddar and mean plain old broccoli! I forced myself to only eat one bowl... calories, calories! (steel magnolias was on this weekend)

My next josie grossy treat is Totinos pizza. $.98 of cheap processed deliciousness. This is actually a treat that Justin likes as well and we will often times buy the "expensive" frozen pizzas, but this is our tried and true. We don't even try to dress it up ~ we eat it AS IS. Oh and I'm a Totinos snob... I'll eat 'em all, but my favorite is the Sausage. I'm sure it's really sausage...right?

Another thing I love is when my food goes STALE. Stale Oreos, Stale Graham Crackers, Stale Kashi Bars. It doesn't much add up, because I love to have a CRUNCH in just about everything I eat, but when these get stale and go a little soft I love it.

Justin's ONLY sweet treat is oreo's (see, weirdo!), but if they've been in the cabinet for a month he sees trash and I see treasure. I also purposely eat one kashi bar and will leave the other in the open package for the next day. Then every other day I have a soft kashi bar. Sure, I could just by the chewy, but they don't taste as good!

When it comes down to it, I probably do have GROSS tastes in food sometimes, but don't we all? Tell me the weird things that you like and we'll see who has the grossest taste of all!