Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Get-Me-By Shoes

When you leave your house in July and plan to return the first of October you don’t pack your closed toed shoes. Well at least I didn’t. I planned on being home before fall set in, so in my bag went my flip flops and my strappy sandals.

Now it’s the latter part of November and we’re not home, but fall has arrived. While it’s not cold in Austin, strappy sandals seem a little silly for a November dinner and it does get more fall~ish after the sun sets. I went to Wal*Mart the other day in search of a get-me-by pair of closed toed shoes until I could get back home. I have plenty of closed toed shoes boxed up individually patiently waiting for me at home, so I didn’t need anything super nice. And let’s get real here… my super nice pair of shoes in my closet were $75 dollars and a gift from my mother in law… black suede stiletto boots with rabbit fur trim around the cuff. Forgive me, I'm cheap. Those shoes are fabulous though and I will definitely show them to you when I get home.

What typically happens to me is I usually look for my get-me-by shoes, find them and proceed to love them like an everyday shoe and wear them to death. These shoes MIGHT just take the cake.

Black and White Satin Zebra Flats*

On Sunday a darling little waiter at Moonshine stopped me and said, "Ok girl you HAVE to tell me the story of those shoes!" Story? What do you mean story? "You know, where did you get them, how much?" Oh. Wal*Mart - $9.

I MUST come up with a better story before we make our next trip out of the house!

*picture doesn't come close to doing these shoes justice AND you'll be happy to know that they are comfy too!