Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome to the Lipstick Jungle..oh wait.

So, how many of you ladies are fans of Lipstick Jungle? I am such a fan that I've watched this entire season on my laptop with a skittish Internet connection. Which is more than I can say for Grey's Anatomy.

There I said it, I haven't really watched much of Grey's Anatomy. What? I think it's kind of lame this year, and now that I've said it out loud you can feel ok about admitting it to yourself. Justin and I started at the beginning of the season and thought, well maybe they just seem lame because we're not watching in the moment, but then they never seemed to get better.

However, my Lipstick Jungle girls were thriving! Every episode was rich in dialogue and suspenseful drama that made me long for more, not to mention all those sexy men and the beautiful clothes! Then I heard the news ~ CANCELLED.

It's hard enough when one of your favorite shows decides for themselves that it's going to end, ie ~ Sex and the City, but I'm so sick of good shows getting cancelled. Or like my beloved Friday Night Lights that always right on the fringe of being cancelled.
Then you have 57 versions of Law & Order or CSI, and I'll admit that I don't mind watching some of these from time to time, but can't there just be one? Or shows like the one starring the acclaimed superstar from the underwear ads AND I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Ghost Whisperer. How does THAT stay on the air and I have to say goodbye to my sistas in the Jungle. Get to writing Candace, we're all going to need a new show here pretty soon.