Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sweet Leaf Tea

Unfortunately for poor little old me I've been suffering from an illness for right around a week. I'm sure it's just sinuses acting up or allergies flaring from the weather change, but either way I HATE 'EM! I'm not sick very often, so I don't wear it well. Symptoms include but are not limited to ~ runny nose, chest congestion, raspy truck driver voice with a touch of pre-pubescent teenager, scratchy throat, headache, chills, and coughing. Not to worry... I'm taking the medicine and hope to be on my way to a speedy recovery.

The silver lining to the sickness is that I found a fabulous new tea made right here in Austin, Texas to soothe my throat and tantalize my taste buds. I ADORE tea ~ green tea, sweet tea, unsweet tea with splenda, peach tea, hot tea, cold tea and now I can add to my list ~ Sweet Leaf Tea!

I spotted the tea at a restaurant the other day and instantly reached for the peach flavor, because peach tea is my favorite drink, but then hacked half of my chest out and decided on the mint & honey. It was a fantastic choice! I'm not usually a fan of bottled tea or tea from a drink tower, but this tea tastes like it was brewed with fresh mint and local honey and then poured directly into my bottle.

If you are not lucky enough to be in Austin, TX, go to their website ~ www.sweetleaftea.com ~ and type in your town/city to find out where you can purchase this tea deliciousness!