Sunday, November 30, 2008

under the wire

I made it... in more ways than one! For the final day of November I posted just under the wire (even on the East Coast) and for the trek from Austin in Post-Thanksgiving traffic I made it to Rockwall! Lola and I were in bumper to bumper traffic for MANY hours longer than we would have liked to have been, because we decided that the best move would be to leave Austin at 2pm. Which was the precise time that everyone else visiting the heart of Texas decided to leave for home. Thankfully I had a friendly pit stop along the way to rest my weary traveling heart.

Justin and I are in separate cars for the first leg of our trip, and will reunite when we leave my family to head to Kentucky. Thank the Laud, because I am not the distance traveler I used to be! Lola and I got very bored of our trip... the music got old, there were no new blogs to read, and Texas got third in the BCS rankings... son of a. Well, at least it's not Tech. (like any of us thought that would happen).

Now we are all weary from our first leg of travel, Ok maybe not weary, because if we're weary now we're in for a long trip...but safe and happy in Rockwall. Check that... Little Miss Lola is not weary ~ she traveled sitting pretty like the princess she is.