Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Card Tree

Since we were only going to be at our home for two weeks this December we decided we'd wait another year for a tree. For a wedding gift we had gotten a couple of beautiful glass ornaments, and I hated that they were going to just sit in a box, so I decided to hang them on the berry branches that are in our living room.

These berry branches are very special to me, because I used them in our wedding at the front of the church and in the pew markers. Ryan got this idea from Martha that I thought would translate nicely to the berry branch trees.

If you so kindly mailed me a card and do not see it displayed above, I apologize. I took this picture before your card arrived, but I promise it will be prominently displayed on my fridge until next year. Honest to Gawd, Angie, I STILL have your kids on my fridge from last year... they even got transferred over from the move!