Tuesday, December 16, 2008

good old rocky top

Justin and I live in this sort of limbo life wondering where we'll wake up tomorrow morning. Not literally, but figuratively. In our line of work we're putting in our time in hopes that one day (soon) we'll be rewarded. Right now, the reward would simply be being settled. We both struggle with keeping our hearts and minds focused on our happiness and our flexibility. We know we're young and have very little major responsibilities, so we look forward to our adventures.

We got a call today to inform us that pack our bags, because we would be moving indefinitely to ...

Nashville, Tennessee

Wondering how we feel about it? We are so excited! There's always a chance when you live at your company's discretion that you'll end up just about anywhere from Podunk, Nowhere to Pidlyville, Elsewhere. To be headed for Nashville, a city full of life, culture and country music is more than we could have dreamed of at this point. Plus it's kind of cool and spunky that we'll pack our house, store our things and have no place to call our home. How's that for being unsettled?

Here's where I get needy and where you come in... Austin I know, Chicago I know, Lexington I can get by, but Nashville! Nashville is where I need some good suggestions... best places to eat, to do and have fun?