Thursday, December 18, 2008

don't get too cozy

See, that's what happens. You get cozy with thoughts of living in a new city and doing new things and planning girls weekends. You dream about going to the grand old opry or country music celebrity spottings. Perhaps I'd see Tim & Faith out lunching or Keith & Nicole sipping starbucks. It reminded me of all the cool designs from design star and the fabulous junk stores they went to to find the perfect touches for a room.

Then you get a call late Tuesday night and plans have drastically changed. Instead of the Music City you're going to...

Tupelo, Mississippi
birth place of Elvis Presley
I'll admit, like any plans, it's hard to adapt when they change at the last minute and the change throws off all of your plans, but my heart is softening. I'm warming to the idea of living in the honest-to-goodness south for a while and Memphis is only an hour away and you know I've already googled ~ Memphis Barbecue! You know I can't wait to dine with the Neely's. Ali, let me know when you can visit and we'll definitely pull out our blue suede shoes and tour the birthplace of Elvis.
I know it's a long shot, but any recommendations for Tupelo?