Friday, December 19, 2008

Old Timey Note Card Box Ornaments

I've been trying really hard to wait until after Christmas to buy any Christmas decorations, but I keep running into things at the stores that beg me to take them home. Since the blessed holiday is in a couple of days, I thought in lieu of playing non stop Christmas music I'd just share with you the decorations that have taken up residence in our home.

For today I'd like for you to see the darling old timey note card box ornaments that I found!

The Seasons Greetings at Christmas

I found this first one in Austin and loved it immediately. I think it's a perfect ornament for me, because it looks 100 years old, has lots of glitter and it's an old box of note cards. There were two at the store, but I only got this one because I'm frugal and because it didn't look particularly Christmas~y.

I threw my frugality out the door when I got back to Kentucky and stumbled upon two more ornament treasures.

With Every Good Wish

Since we don't have a Christmas tree, I think these make perfect additions to our bookshelves. Looks like Christmas art to me!

Now if I could just find 50 more of these on sale the day after Christmas I could have an entire tree of these little jewels next year.