Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lo Lo Lo Lo Lola!

I haven't shared any photos of my darling fur-kid lately, and y'all just have to see how stinking adorable she's been. My Mississippi Sister-Friend was over last night and she of course had to love on Lola, because Lola wouldn't have it any other way, so I asked Lola if she wanted to leave with her. To which my friend replied to Lola, "Oh no, I'm sure I wouldn't give you all the attention that your mama gives you!" Sometimes I think I love my baby so much it's a little alarming.

Here's the little princess when we left Kentucky with our car packed to the brim. She likes to perch on the arm rest until she falls fast asleep for the duration of the trip. She took her first trip when we'd had her for about 15 days, and since July she's been many miles down the road, so she's got traveling down pat.

The two of us headed to Texarkana last week to drop by the Brown Eyed Girl Salon and Lola couldn't stand not being apart of the action. When I was getting my brows done she was standing on my chest so she could get a bird's eye view and of course she couldn't let my mom get her hair washed alone! You see, she's a girly girl that loves all things beauty, especially getting her daily blow out. No matter where she is in the house, if she hears the hair dryer she'll be at my feet in no time begging for her turn.

Lola likes it at our new home and has adjusted quite nicely. I can tell she is really loving southern living. When I do the laundry in the second bedroom she likes to stay on the look out with her baby.

Finally, we came home the other day and usually she's a BALL of energy, because the strenuousness of her life forces her into a deep sleep all day, but this day she was EXHAUSTED! Looks like someone figured out how to maneuver their body in between the couch and the window. I'm afraid she stand there and looks and barks all the live long day.

When I walked in tonight there were two little boys playing and they greeted me and I said hello back. As I reached my door they said, "Ma'am, there's a DOG in there!" I giggled to myself thinking of how she'd probably been barking her fool head off so they'd know she was there.

More pictures to come after her visit to The Pampered Pooch later this week. Could there be a more fitting name for LOLA's hairdo place?