Friday, February 13, 2009

lovely weekend

I told you I was in a funk this week. There is much celebrating planned for the weekend as my other half and I celebrate the Day o' Love & HIS 28th Birthday! I'm hoping that will pull me right out of this and then I'll be merely days away from sin city with my best girls!

my groom

Have you been keeping up with The Four Fat Chicks? Even if you aren't on this weight loss Journey with us, we all shared some interesting information this week. New work out enhancements, a great book find, grocery store fabulousness, delicious recipes for your sweet tooth AND insight into our daily jobs and how they effect our weight loss or gain!

As always ~ it's Friday, so we weighed in today. I LOST this week, so go over there and see how I did it! Truly it was a breakthrough week for me!

Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet friends & of course, Happy Birthday, Mom!