Wednesday, March 18, 2009

calling any VETS or dog lovers

Do not let this sweet little muffin face fool you, we have a serial eater on our hands. Is this normal? Our little Lola wants to eat EVERYTHING. When she was a little baby I just wrote it off to her teething and needing to naw on things, but now it has totally turned into her DEVOURING things!

I came home the other night and Justin told me that he was certain she had thrown up part of her stomach. Oh, that's another thing, because she eats everything she puts in her mouth, she throws up DAILY. It worried me, until I went to put on my camisole the other day and realized it didn't have straps anymore because they had been CHEWED off! Lola had not thrown up her stomach, she threw up the strap of my camisole.

What the hell? Do any of you have this problem with your little monster dogs? We keep her locked up during the day, with nothing around, so I'm guessing as soon as we let her out she searches for anything she can get her teeth on!

Check what I found today...

She snagged these from the coffee table. Apparently, she's on weight watchers too with her fat free pringles.

And much to Justin's delight, she turned some of my undies into crotchless undies!

HELP! How on earth can I get her to stop before she dies a painful death by ladies undergarments?