Tuesday, March 10, 2009

cringe worthy admission

I was moving along on the elliptical Saturday morning and there was a lady training for a marathon on one of the treadmills. At least that was the story I made up about her, because she had on a race t shirt, and if the shoe fits...

All of the treadmills have built in tvs and the ellipticals do not, so I started watching said lady's tv and she was watching a show that looked like The Hills, but had no LC with Nina Garcia, but not Project Runway. What could this be and how could I be missing it? Thankfully my TiVo knows me better than I know TV and it started spontaneously recording this new show for me without being asked!

The show is ~ Running in Heels. Sundays at 8 on the Style Channel.
Here are the three lovely interns Samantha, Ashley, & Talita. They are recent college grads who are a bit green, but ready to take on the fashion magazine world starting with Marie Claire. Think LC & Whitney at Teen Vogue, but more work and less trips to Paris and no Brody. Guess who also starts on the interns first day? None other than Ms. Nina Garcia as the fashion director. I always say her last name with a HEAVY mexican accent and lots of rolling RRRRRs, but since you can't hear me talk, you'll just have to pretend.
Think The Hills meets Project Runway meets The Devil Wears Prada, and if that's the sort of thing that might tickle your fancy, you will LOVE this madness! I will warn you that you'll probably cringe a little bit, but you're not alone. But come on, the most important thing in entire world is getting new outfits for the boss, right?