Tuesday, March 03, 2009

a day in Bobby Flay's house

I really thought about just putting up big fat links to Allie & Ryan's blogs for Vegas updates, because both of them have done a FABULOUS job recapping our trip, but then I figured I couldn't hide forever. But really... have you read their updates? They are GREAT ~ Allie Vegas Updates & Ryan Vegas Updates!

The truth is, when I get back from vacation, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME, I sink down into a major depressed mood and I can't unpack because that would mean vacation was over, and I can't blog and I can't even talk on the phone. All I can do is look at the pictures over and over again. Which can't be too fun for my sweet other half, so I had to rally for him. I've been home for almost a week, so now I'm rallying for you.

To indulge our inner Fat Chick, we've all been posting beautiful pictures with a delicious run down of our meal at Bobby Flay's place over at WWW.FourFatChicks.Blogspot.com, so you HAVE to go read about what we devoured!

{Lesli with Scrambled Egg Enchiladas ~ delish!}

I have to say, Mesa was one of my favorite experiences of Vegas, but let's face it I'm a total sucker for a fabulous meal shared with my best girls. We got there early, so the restaurant wasn't crowded and the staff truly made us feel like we were the most valuable customers in the entire place. They were kind and attentive, but not annoying and pushy... totally scored customer service points for me.

We shared our food, we talked, we laughed, and then I came up with a brilliant idea. We are three girls that KNOW our way around the kitchen and feel most at home there, so why not ask the darling little General Manager if we couldn't take a peek in. The worst he can say is NO, right?

He offered to do us one better and took us on an in depth TOUR of the kitchen! See what I mean about most valuable customers? It was incredible & beautiful, to say the least. Honestly, my knees were weak the entire time. Food has a way with me.

{Allie, Ryan, & Lesli ~ Sauce Prep & Grill}

He took us around the every cooking area and station and described what each cook was making. We all took full advantage of thanking our Chefs face to face. We saw the prep area, the ENORMOUS vat of HouseMade Chicken Stock and he even took us up to the rotisserie that over looks the entire restaurant. He told us they had to eventually shut the half a million dollar rotisserie down because it wasn't cooking the chicken properly. We suggested they turn it into a chef's table for VIPs and of course VICs.

It was a moment that was special to us and I'm thinking Kitchen Tours will become a MUST on the rest of our culinary adventures