Friday, March 27, 2009

"on a pillow of bluebonnets & a blanket made of stars" ~ Cowboy Take Me Away

This past week I lifted a 6 year ban on a band I used to love. The Dixie Chicks. President Bush told them it was ok to speak their mind, and it is, but it still hurt my feelings and I quit listening. COLD TURKEY FOR 6 YEARS! Something about being back in the deep south and the music selection at Wal*Mart being ONLY country made me talk myself into calling a truce.
My freshman year of college their album Wide Open Spaces had been out for about a year, and Katy {my roommate} and I BLASTED this album from our stereo just about daily until they called a hall meeting about keeping your music down. We were two girls from East Texas and we loved The Dixie Chicks to the point of repeat & bordering on obsession. When I heard Wide Open Spaces played on this album I got a little tear in my eye thinking back to all our freshman year fun 10 years ago & how much I've missed the old Dixie Chicks.
Life is a little different from how it was in that tiny dorm room 10 years ago, but I couldn't help but think when I bought this CD of the fun The Four Fat Chicks are going to have singing every word at the top of our lungsin a few weeks on our girls weekend! "IIIIIIIII'LLLLLLLL FLY AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY on a SIN WAGON!"
Ps~ for the record... I can't stand when people talk ugly about our current president either. I believe it's the hardest job in the land, and I am not qualified to do it. When I am, I can judge.