Monday, April 13, 2009

back at it

Justin and I made it back Thursday evening around 11:30pm and hit the ground running first thing Good Friday morning worked late into the evening and did it all again on Saturday. I woke up Sunday around 7am and while I wished I could have slept much longer, it felt nice to know that there was no real work to do today (Sunday). Truth be told, I didn't actually get out of bed until 1:20. Justin kindly moved the TiVo upstairs so we could do all our catch up watching from the comfort of our bed. Who said romance is dead?

E True Hollywood Confession ~ Justin and I have this three time running tradition and I'm almost afraid to admit it for fear of mass judgment from you and disappointment from our mothers. Here goes anyway... we don't attend church on Easter. What the? We don't. Our first Easter we were dating long distance & met up in Indianapolis for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. Last year we were in Cleveland for work & took advantage of resting. This year we had no excuse. We have a church here that we attend regularly & Easter~ish clothes to wear, but it felt nice to rest on the Lord's day and get reacquainted with our home.

Isn't that kind of weird? Oh well, we're weirdos that love Jesus!

I'm sure you've all been dying to see pictures of the two of us from our vacation and I have a few to share, but there is no time, because I need to get my legs shaved and my toes painted! Due to Easter's arrival I can now officially drag out my sandals & my skirts and trust me when I say that NO ONE wants to see this mess!