Monday, May 11, 2009

~georgia bound~

I'm hitting the road today to spend a few days in the peach state. Is it the peach state? Whatever, I'm going to Georgia! I've got a little work business to tend to for a few days & have the pleasure of being put up in this beautiful place.

Didn't even know something like that existed in Georgia! Also, get to play college again with a sista who was a Chi Omega at Baylor when I was there, but we didn't know each other or even meet until well after college. Did you follow that?

Then... I'm playing hookey from my real life to spend a couple of days with the South's newest resident...

Thank gawd she and Ken got all moved in last week, because now that she's back within driving distance of me I'm going to be headed her way as often as I can sneak away. We are lucky, because our husbands LOVE hanging out with each other, as it gives them time to sit in silence, watch ungodly amounts of Law & Order and not have to entertain or be entertaining, so the boys will probably want to take advantage of the hanging out as well.