Friday, May 08, 2009

Have you hugged your hair girl today?

If you took the time to follow my hair journey on twitter, you probably know by now that it did not end well.

This isn't a great picture, but this is the cut I asked for...The Long Angled Gwenyth, and this is what I got...The Rachel. Which is basically what I already had after much over growth, and was trying to get rid of the bulky top layers!

{Please excuse my looks in the 2nd pic... I was headed for the gym}

If you look closely, you can see the random high-lights that she ran through my hair. I asked for a few light blonde high-lights (I know it looks good on my dark hair, because I've done it before). I told her I didn't want bulky high-lights, so she took that to mean that I wanted a partial high-light but only high-light a couple of strands at a time.

Ultimately, my hair looked like this... 1. Up Close ~ I ran golden orange high lights through my lovely black hair. 2. Far Away ~ I had stringy grey hairs popping up all over.

Neither of these were the look I was going for. I should have know things were going to be horribly wrong when she said, "Oh, I don't think we'll be able to put blonde in your hair." me... I've had every color from blonde, black, red & purple in my hair... you can put blonde in my hair.

I sat there for 3.5 hours of my life and this is what I got. A very basic trim & bad, bad, bad color. I have gotten bad color 3 times in my life. Once was at a salon in Austin, and I called and they fixed it perfect ~ didn't charge me a dime and gave me a glass of wine. The other was in Lexington, and when I went back they messed it up worse for free, so I gave up.

I called yesterday after giving it a couple of days and asked them what they charged to fix. Just being polite... never want to assume that they fix for free, and she said she'd charge me the cost of the product ~ $10 & since she was so booked I'd have to dry my own hair. I lied and told her my hair cut was fine, because I didn't have 3 extra hours to sit around and let her chop away aimlessly at my hair!

I had to hold back tears the entire time I was drying my hair, because I was humiliated and so so so frustrated. I spent $118 on the trim and bad color, $15 on a tip for her, $10 to have my eyebrows waxed, $2 on a tip for her, $10 more on the "fix product" to make my hair look like it did 3 days ago before I ever walked in. So, in total I've spent $157 in the last week at this salon for what I could have done at home for $11.84 at wal*mart. Oh, I probably would have had to pay $12 at Master Cuts for that FABU trim she gave me. If you know me personally, you know how much of a luxury it is to get my hair done and how it pains me to WASTE that much money. I've had a sick pit in my stomach for the past 3 days... do you know how much shopping I could do at TJ Maxx for $157? ARRRGGGGG!

I am so so so angry. I can't even imagine if any of you came into my restaurant and ordered something and I gave you something else and them made you just pay cost to get what you asked for. I am thinking of writing them a professional & polite letter letting them know how they hurt my feelings and how embarrassed they should be for treating their paying customers that way. I am definitely going to wait until I can calm down enough to not form tears when I think about it.

What would y'all do? For now, I just want to say that if any of you got here by googling ~ Belle Ame Salon Tupelo, MS ~ DO NOT WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME OR YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY! I will NEVER go back to that salon under any circumstances and I will NEVER recommend Belle Ame Salon Tupelo, MS to ANY ONE I come in contact with.

{If you are interested in seeing what my hair looks like now, scroll back to the previous post}