Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to You, WOOF!

{LOLA on her actual birthday. I apologize for not putting bows in her hair for the occasion}
Saturday was Lola's 1st Birthday. Not the birthday of the 1st day we had her, but her actual BIRTHday. In the words of Allie, I'm an idiot savant, so I remember tons of silly things. Like for example ~ my 10 year high school reunion is being planned as we speak, and we are having it on the birthday of one of the girls planning it. Even after 10 years, I know that her birthday is October 16th. Such a silly waste of space, BUT it's the charm of me!
I'm admittedly crazy about my dog, but all we did to celebrate was sing a few times & enjoy a denti-chew. I know... such a splurger!
2 days after we brought Lola into our home, I called my mom in a panic! She was on her way to Kentucky & Justin was far away in Atlanta. Lola had her first flea and I was a basket case. I thought for sure she was going to die from the fleas and my house would be infested with them. I quickly got her into the Dr. & $100 she was good as new. If you're thinking of buying a puppy, let me be the first to tell you that they cost way more than their initial cost!
Less than 1 year later we're dozing on the couch enjoying a perfect Sunday afternoon and Justin says, "Hey, what's this on her back." Holy Hell... it's a TICK! ICK! I can feel the tears welling up, but I keep it together, because Justin is here and there is a good chance that from the 40 Days & 40 nights of rain we've gotten in Mississippi {Sorry to those of you in Drought mode} we've got a yard infested with nasty ticks & gawd knows what else.
There is an art to removing ticks, and you have to grab them by the head, not the body with tweezers, lest you run the risk of the ticks head breaking off into the body. Once the tick is removed, you can not flush it OR try to kill it in water, you need rubbing alcohol. We don't have any rubbing alcohol, so I drowned the little turd in WINE! It totally did the trick and made me feel very resourceful!
She's totally a toot nanny & after spending a week with Sid I now realize just how neurotic she is. Justin thinks it's because she's a puppy, but I kind of think she'll always be this way. Either way, I'd pick her out of the litter every time.

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