Friday, May 01, 2009

Memphis in May

{UPDATE: Shopping trip cancelled due to husband... I mean BOSS taking back my morning off! Wife... I mean employee is not happy, but hoping we can recreate this day next week.}

I take my weekends/days off when I can get them, and I managed to finagle a few hours off tomorrow morning & sister decided to hit to road! I've recently come up on one of the best problems in the world to have & none of my clothes fit! Which could only mean one thing... I MUST go shopping!

I am up early this morning, because I've searched every corner of TJ Maxx Tupelo & now it's time to move onto Memphis! They have fun treasure chest that this town has never seen!

My plans are to hit up...

Forever 21 ~ I am currently accepting bets on whether or not I'll walk away with more jewelry than actual clothes. So bad at that!

Marshall's ~ I wasn't a huge Marshall's fan until I moved to Lex and that was what I had on my side of town. Typically I can find good clearance items, but I'll probably find the exact same things that are in my TJ Maxx... except at a higher price.

Target ~ This is a case of always wanting what you can't have. I completely took having 1 or multiple Targets in my town for granted until I didn't have a Target in my town. Would love to stumble upon a Super Target, but am not going out of the way.

{Pardon my incomplete sentences... I Love to Twitter!}

Also, I will be connecting with a NEW bloggy friend, LeAnna. She grew up in Tupelo and is a total Jillian Michael's Personal Trainer. I fully expect her to meet me and call me a lazy fat ass! Look... this is LeAnna and her husband Todd at The Cotton Bowl. I'm thinking if she likes college football enough to travel to the bowl game we.will.get.along.famously.