Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sassy little skunk

Justin & I live far enough away from the middle of town that once we get home from work we are usually home for the night. The grocery store is a good 15 minute drive, so I have to be out of options usually to make the trip. I didn't realize how in the COUNtry we lived until yesterday.

I mapped a new running route online {@} yesterday & was excited to try it out. The run I mapped on Saturday took me through a neighborhood where with each new house I felt as if I was running through the pages of Southern Living. It was a little later than I like to run, especially in brand new territory, but it was only 3 miles, so I figured I could surely make it home before dark.

I've been listening to podcasts on my run to give the old playlist a rest. Namely, I just started the sermon series ~Staying in Love ~ By Andy Stanley, Pastor at North Point Community Church in Georgia. {I'm only a couple of minutes into the 2nd sermon, but so far it's really good! You should listen as well!} Back to the run, I'm trotting along, listening to Andy, about 1/2 a mile in & I start getting TERRIBLE interference through my headphones. So, I take one out of my ear & the interference continues, and it's really more like rustling in the bushes like they hear on LOST.

I look to my left & find myself a good 3 FEET AWAY FROM A SKUNK! Holy Moly ~ OMG! After that I clocked my best time ever in a 3 mile run. No really, because I'm crazy, I kept on running & didn't head for home. Until I got to the very dark tree covered part of the road & I swear to gawd scary movie music started playing & that's when I headed towards my house with Justin on the phone for protection.

Lesson learned... just because it's on the map doesn't mean it's always safe to run in the COUNtry! Smelling like a skunk will just NOT do!